Hampton Martin
Gender Male
List A-List A-List
or B-List B-List
Occupation Director

Hampton Martin comes onto the scene as part of Business, Pleasure.

Background Trivia

Hampton Martin is a director who has directed blockbuster after blockbuster for the past two decades. He is a legend in town and having his name attached to any project ensures that it will get a lot of publicity.

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Business, Pleasure
(Your Name)! Glad you could make it. This party wouldn't be possible without the great performance you gave in the The Red Heart of Mars... produced by yours truly.

A. Speech Thank you. Energy5
B. Speech (Come back later.)

A. I'm usually pretty modest but, in this case, I think I have to take credit. I don't think anyone had taken full advantage of your talents until I decided to cast you in my mini series. And look at you now: You're at a party hosted by me! I have to say, (Your Name), that it doesn't get much better than this. Let's toast to your good luck.
1. Speech (Clink shot glasses.)
2. Speech Champagne, please! Energy2 XP+10

1. ?

2. Ah, nothing like a proper toast. I can see that you are all class. It's that quality of refinement that I need in my next picture. Sure... I make blockbusters, and the explosions and CGI win over the crowds, but it's the classiness of the cast that wins over the critics. And I have to have it both ways. So, what do you say... another toast in celebration of our future projects?
Speech Projects?

Of course... "projects." This new movie won't be a one-shot deal. There'll be a sequel. In fact, I know that the studio expects three films from this little idea of mine. Personally, I think they are getting a bit ahead of themselves. But for the moment, let's just say that there will be two movies. I know it's a commitment... but I'm going to film them back to back. I promise you'll become a household name, and you'll get paid well.
a. Speech But my agent...
b. Speech Sounds good!

a. Hey... you're represented by Arnie, right? He and I go back a ways. I'm sure he would understand. Either way, I want to get this wrapped up right now. So what do you say? Shall we agree to these two movies that will change your life, or would you like another drink?
1a. Speech More fans!
2a. Speech More drinks! Energy3 XP+10
3a. Speech I won't be bullied

1a. ?

2a. Tastes good, doesn't it? That's the taste of success. And that aftertaste... that's fame. Success and fame... fame and success. You can't say no. Otherwise, you may not work in this town again. Kidding! Completely kidding! Or am I? Only I know! That's what so great about being me. Now just say yes.
Speech All right... yes.

Great! Hampton Martin wins again! I'll have the contracts sent over to your agent. Now excuse me as I have to go and convince other people to do things I want them to do. Cheers!
Speech bye

3a. ?

b. ?

It's a Celebration
(Your Name)! Remember those drinks we had at the last party? That was you, wasn't it? And look where that got us. Look where I got us, I should say. And seeing as I have brought you so much success... how about a favor?

Speech What is it?

I've met this lovely young thing named "Flower" at this party. She's a fashion photographer of some kind. Anyway, she's been bothering me about meeting you all night. Something about a magazine. Would you talk to her?
1. Speech Forget it...
2. Speech OK...

1. No? Forget you! I was going to tell you not to worry about that silly interview, but now... I don't think so!
Speech OK...

2. Thanks so much!
Speech No problem.

Party Favor
(helping him with Flower)

(Your Name)! The people love our film... MY film! They love ME, as well... and you to an extent. Now, where did my Flower run off to?
Speech ... Energy2
Speech (Come back later.)

I suppose we SHOULD make a sequel...
Speech Okay...

(not helping him with Flower)
I'm not talking to you after the whole... "Flower" incident.
Speech (Leave quietly.)

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