Gwen Kingslay
Gender Female
List A-List A-List
Occupation Fantasy Author

Gwen Kingslay comes onto the scene as part of The Songstress when she signs a five picture deal for her best-selling fantasy book, The Song of Dragons. She wants you to have a lead role in her movies.

Gwen's appearance varies between players.

Background Trivia

Gwen Kingslay is a fantasy author who has a best-selling book called The Song of Dragons. According to your agent, the series is beautifully tragic. 

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The Songstress

There you are, (Your Name)! You appear even more regal in person than you do on the screen. Just brilliant... You'll be perfect for the role of Alaris!

I'm sure you have so many questions to ask about the young ruler of Roganthia. You HAVE read the Song of Dragons series, yes?
1. Speech Not yet. Energy10
2. Speech (Lie.) Energy 10
3. (Come back later.)

2. Oh good! Which one was your favorite? Who is your favorite character?
Speech Uhm... All of them?

Hmm... I see. I think maybe you should give the books another read. You'll certainly want to do your research before filming begins.

For now, I'll give you a reminder of the story in book one of the series, The Throne of Swords...
Speech (Listen carefully.)

A Song of Dragons is a bard's recounting of the tragic extinction of dragons in a world torn apart by the greed of kingdoms...

You will play Alaris Avner, the free spirited only child of the king and queen of Roganthia, known through the lands as the greatest dragon rider!
Speech Cool!

After the mysterious deaths of king and queen Avner, Alaris reluctantly takes up the crown and sits upon the throne of swords as the new ruler or Roganthia...

Events take an even darker turn, when evidence of murder surfaces, becoming the catalyst for war against the rival kingdom of Shaduur!
Speech Oh no...

YES! And all along, poor Alaris has no idea the evidence was planted by a most trusted friend and Ally, Rhan. he is a power hungry dragon knight of Roganthia.

Alaris joins the dragon riding knights of Rogathia and sets course for the mountain kingdom of Shaduur, ready to avenge the fallen king and queen.

Dragon knights on both sides prepare for the most devastating war in the history of their world! Oh, and one more thing...

The studio wants the entire series done as soon as possible, so you'll have to work quickly. The Throne of Swords begins filming in 12 hours!
Speech (Wait 12h.)
Speech Start filming now! Star 24

The Throne of Swords
In this scene, Alaris has just learned the king and queen are dead. Alaris is completely devatasted more of all...

Completely unprepared to be the leader Roganthia needs. Too young for such responsibility. It's time to turn on the waterworks!
Speech (Smile and nod.)

You were wonderful in The Throne of Swords! Fans of my novels have no reason to worry about the films because you clearly understand Alaris Avner.

You magnificently portrayed the struggle of a young leader with the weight of an entire kingdom resting squarely on their shoulders...

Not to mention how soulfully you portrayed the pain of morning Alaris' parents, the king and queen or Roganthia. I can't praise you enough!
Speech Thank you!

In the sequel, A Clash of Crowns, Alaris and the dragon riding knights of Roganthia go head to head with the dragon knights of Shaduur!

Alaris is bold and fueled by a desire to avenge the ing and queen. The traitor, Rhan, does his best to ensure Alaris falls in battle...
Speech Oh no...

It's time for you to prove yourself as the greatest dragon rider in all the lands. A Clash of Crowns begins filming in 12 hours!
Speech (Wait 12h.)
Speech Start filming now! Star 24

A Clash of Crowns

Driven by rage and the broken heart of a loving child mourning their parents, Alaris is brash and far too emotional to lead effectively.

Alaris puts on a tough face, but it is a disguise to hide the frailty of this young leader burdened by the weight of an unwanted crown.
Speech (Agree.)

If I didn't know better, I'd think you were Alaris Avner, magically brought to life straight from the pages of my novels! You're just wonderful.

And you looked great flying bravely beside your fellow dragon riders! I was really afraid for you during some of those daring action scenes!
Speech It was great fun!

Well I hope you're ready for more, because we're almost half way through the series. On part three, The War of Banners!

After the confrontation between the knights of Roganthia and Shaduur, many lives were lost. The kingdoms call all their allies to take up arms!

As Rogathia and Shaduur wage war, it is the dragons who pay the highest price. The dragon knights and their dragons are all but eradicated...
Speech Oh no...

Hope you're ready to get back on your dragon's saddle, because The War of Banners begins filming in just 12 hours!
Speech (Wait 12h.)
Speech Start filming now! Star 24

The War of Banners

The next scene is where Alaris gives a rousing speech to the allies of Roganthia, calling upon them to take up arms and unite. So exciting!
Speech (Smile and nod.)

We're almost there, (Your Name). We've almost reached the final chapter of this epic journey...

Alaris bears the scars of many trials, troubles, and horrible losses. The crown has been a heavy burden...

Your performance through Alaris' metamorphosis has been a true pleasure to witness.
Speech Thank you.

Both kingdoms have been ravaged by the war... Roganthia barely remains standing as what remains of Shaduur is burned to the ground...

The war is over, but victory has come at a high cost. Only two dragons remain in the world... The two belonging to Alaris and Rhan...

Alaris believe the king and queen have been avenged, until Rhan reveals his betrayal and tries to kill Alaris to claim the crown for himself!
Speech Oh no...

Are you ready for A Duel of Dragons? The battle for the crown and fate of the entire world begins filming in 12 hours!
Speech (Wait 12h.)
Speech Start filming now! Star 24

A Duel of Dragons

Think of your best friend. Think of all the history and good times you've shared. Ask yourself, how could they betray you?

In this scene, Rhan reveals himself as the traitor and Alaris learns that it is Rhan who murdered the king and queen... framing Shaduur...

The war was all over a misunderstanding. All the men, women and dragons who died over his lies... This truth cuts deeper than any blade.
Speech (Agree.)

Well, here we are. The final chapter in the Song of Dragons series. Your performances as Alaris make me wish I had written more books in the series!

I could not have wished for a more fitting actor to bring Alaris to life. Thank you for having been such an incredible part of my tale, (Your Name).
Speech It was my pleasure!

In A Duel of Dragons, Rhan and Alaris engaged in a dragon battle for the ages over the snow-capped mountains of Shaduur...

The battle was hard fought, but in the end, Rhan was victorious in killing Alaris' dragon. Alaris fell from the sky, buries in the deep snow below...

Rhan believed Alaris dead, and so he returned to the kingdom of Roganthia to claim the throne of swords. He would rule as a cruel, tyrannical king...
Speech Oh no...

In the final chapter of the Song of Dragons series, Alaris quests to Roganthia to face the tyrant king Rhan and reclaim the throne of swords...

Alaris slays the traitor and his evil dragon, becoming a great king and liberator of Roganthia. Sadly, the world will have lost dragons forever...
Speech How sad...

Yes, quite sad indeed... and what is what the bard's song of dragons is truly about. A Feast for Fires is the final part of my series and begins filming in 24 hours!
Speech (Wait 24h.)
Speech Start filming now! Star 48

A Feast for Fires

Rhan had claimed the throne of swords as a tyrant king of Roganthia. In the next scene, Alaris confronts Rhan for a final duel! Are you ready?
Speech Ready!

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