Gregory Garcia
Gender Male
List E-List E-List
Occupation Server

Gregory Garcia is located in three different restaurants in three different locations.

Background Trivia

Gregory Garcia is a server in the following places;

So you can say he is a very busy guy with three jobs! He will happily greet you at the door at all three establishments.

Related Goals



Speech Thanks.

Table for One
Table for one?

Speech Meeting someone.
Are you (Your Name)?
1. Speech Yes.
2. Speech He's gone isn't he?

1. ?

2. If you mean the guy who stayed here for five minutes and shoveled down two pieces of pie in record time... then yes, he's gone. Anyhow, he told me to tell you that, if you showed up, you got the audition. He said it would show perseverance on your part. I suppose that means I should say congratulations or something. He said to head over to your agent's office. The script will be waiting there.
a. Speech (Tip waiter.) Cash10
b. Speech (Leave.)

Method Act Part 1
Hey... it's you again. What's with you and people who like their pie?

Speech Huh?
The guy over there told me he was waiting for you. Then he said to get some pies ready. What... you don't know what this is about?
Speech Not really.
Well... there's a man over there waiting for you with a bunch of freshly baked pies. I presume that I will become clear once you talk to him. And we do have really good pie. Speech Great...

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