George Spieler
Gender Male
List A-List A-List or B-List B-List
Occupation Director

George Spieler makes a few appearances throughout the game including as part of Friend of a Friend, where you meet him in Wasted secretly for the role in After the War.

Background Trivia

George Spieler has a real obsession with explosions in his movies and loves to drink at Wasted in The Neighborhood. He has a step-son that is also a director named "Roman Berg" and an assistant called "Phil".

You will encounter Roman Berg later in the game to fulfill a goal to get a role in George Spiler's movie.

Related Goals


Party Favor
How about this for a film: A giant shark terrorizes a small island community, and our hero... our hero is afraid of water! And in the end, the shark is killed by... an explosion.

1. Speech Good idea! Energy2
2. Speech That sounds terrible. Energy2
3. Speech (Come back later.)

1. Isn't it? I think I'm going to do it! Thanks!
Speech No problem.

2. Yeah... maybe you're right. Thanks for the advice!
Speech No problem.

I wasn't prepared for the explosive response my last project, EST The Extra-Special Terrestrial, received.
Speech Okay... Cash+10 XP+5

Friend of a Friend
Hey... (Your Name)?

1. Speech That's me! Energy 9
2. Speech (Come back later.)

(tell Chet)
1. Thought so... I should warn you: the paparazzi seem to have invaded the place, but I suppose you already knew that...
a. Speech What do you mean?
b. Speech I did...

a. Glossing over how you knew I would be here... why would you tell someone like that where someone like me would be? What's wrong with you? Thanks for ruining my privacy...
Speech (Leave quietly.)

b. ?

(don't tell Chet)
1. I didn't think someone of your stature would hang around a joint like this...
a. Speech Why are you here?
b. Speech My old neighborhood!

a. Oh... I like this bar. It's relatively quiet, and no one seems to know or care who I am!

b. Just down the street, huh? That's interesting! Pull up a chair... or stand.

You know, I saw ... I was quite impressed with your performance.
Speech Really?

Oh, yeah! Actually... I'm starting work on a project that you might be interested. It's a film set in the 50's called "After the War." Very dramatic, intense... maybe a few explosions if I can fit them in. Think you might be interested?
Speech I am!

Great! What a happy coincidence that we ran into each other here!
Speech Cheers!

After the War
(Your Name)! I'm hoping to have our film do the festival circuit when we're done. I hope you're be available to attend some after-screening panels with me!

Speech I will!

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