Gadget Sparks
Gender Female
List A-List A-List
Occupation Movie Star

Gadget first appears in Kickin' Sand. She's your in to the beach crowd. Her looks may vary from game to game.

Background Trivia

Arnie knows her grandmother, and apparently she owes him a favour.

Related Goals


Kickin' Sand
Hey, that was amazing. Biff has been bugging a lot of us at the beach here.

Speech Really?

Yeah. I can't believe how you just handled him like that. That was so cool!
Speech Thanks.

So I hear you want to get in good with the beach crew. Well, they're a pretty tight clique. If you want in with them you'll have to prove yourself. But first you'll have to gt noticed. There's a movie coming up called Beach Party Bonanza. You could try out for a role in that. It's not with any big stars but it's a good place to start.
1.Speech Start filming now! Star2
2.Speech (Wait 1 hr.)

Summer Time
Hey, that was a groovy movie. And you're starting to get noticed by the beach crew.

Speech Really?

Oh, yeah! You should meet Summer; I think she'd like you. She hangs out at the beach and she always knows what's up.
Speech Okay.

Surfs Up
Hey, (Your Name), you're becoming a regular beach bunny.

Speech I am?

Sure. Now you're starting to look and sound the part. But really, if you want to get in good at the beach you've got to have the moves.
Speech The moves?

That's right. You gotta ride the waves. Think you're ready? Then meet up with Dean. He's the best surfer around, he'll get you ready for even the gnarliest waves. When not at the beach, he can normally be found at The Silver Shellfish.
Speech Okay.

Get in Good
(Your Name), I just heard Frankie/Juliette's been asking about you.

Speech Really?

Uh-huh. I guess you've finally made it. You should head over to the beach and see if you can talk to her.
Speech Okay.

And (Your Name)...
Speech Yes?

If you get in good with Juliette, maybe put in a good word for me.
Speech Okay.

Life's A Beach
Well, (Your Name), you really made a splash.

Speech Thanks.

To celebrate I got you some new swim wear to show off your new beach bod.
Speech Cool.

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