This goal follows Animal Lover #3

People Involved

  • Agent


After completing the third commercial, your agent will call you with the script for From the Farm

After filming, your agent will call. You can either give to charity and gain XP+100 or keep the Cash2500.


From the Farm
(Property of Golden Gate Film Studio)

Line 1: We can't stay here!

Line 2: Look at all of these things! Are we that materialistic now?

Time Limit: Time1 24 Hours
Genre: Dramatic Drama
Energy Used: Energy 380
Blue Stars: BlueStar 340

Available Actions
Action Energy Cost Reward Achievement
check the gate Energy1 Cash5 XP1 BlueStar10 Professional Professional
dramatic pause Energy2 XP3 BlueStar1 Dramatic Dramatic
flattering lighting Energy2 Cash5 XP1 BlueStar2 Vanity Vanity
grab prop Energy2 Cash5 XP1 BlueStar1 Film Tech Film Tech
take one Energy3 Cash10 XP1 BlueStar1 None
dramatically lean on bookcase Energy3 Cash5 XP2 BlueStar2 Dramatic Dramatic
take a break Energy4 Cash12 XP1 BlueStar4 Vanity Vanity
take two Energy5 Cash10 XP2 BlueStar3 None
do a scene together Energy5 Cash10 XP2 BlueStar5 None
take three Energy7 Cash15 XP3 BlueStar6 Professional Professional
throw tantrum Energy8 XP10 BlueStar5 Dramatic Dramatic
practice subtle looks Energy8 Cash30 XP1 BlueStar8 The Look The Look
tear-filled ending Energy12 Cash24 BlueStar10 Dramatic Dramatic

That's a Wrap!
From the Farm will premiere in 24:00:00.

5Stars: Cash+14866 XP+300 Star+1
4Stars: Cash+7933 XP+240 Star+1

Goal Reward

Cash+364 XP+241

Following Goal

The Fantams

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