This goal follows Royal Meal/Lunch or Nephew/Niece Work.

People Involved


Nephew/Niece Work: You've been on a date with Liza Yanokov and Charlene calls you and tells you you've been seen dating a nobody. You need to repair the damage this has done to your image. Charlene suggests filming the sitcom That's The Ticket.

Royal Meal/Lunch: Charlene will call and say that you've got the best PR in the business. She's got you a role on the sitcom That's The Ticket.

  • Task Wait for call; film role in That's The Ticket


That's the Ticket
(Property of DWBS Pictures Studio)

Line 1: I don't know if I'm coming or going.

Line 2: I'd like to punch their ticket.

Time Limit: Time1 24 Hours
Genre: Comedic Sitcom
Energy Cost: Energy ?
Blue StarsBlueStar ?

Available Actions
Action Energy Cost Reward Achievement
comical mishap Energy 1 Cash5 BlueStar1 Cheesy Cheesy
review last take Energy 2 XP2 BlueStar1 Professional Professional
wardrobe change Energy 2 Cash5 XP1 BlueStar2 The Look The Look
flattering lighting Energy 2 Cash5 XP1 BlueStar2 Vanity Vanity
check makeup Energy 3 Cash15 XP1 BlueStar3 The Look The Look
snappy one-liner Energy 3 Cash5 XP2 BlueStar2 Comedic Comedic
practice lines Energy 5 XP5 BlueStar7 Professional Professional
do a scene together Energy 5 Cash10 XP4 BlueStar6 Energy1 None
throw tantrum Energy 8 XP10 BlueStar5 Dramatic Dramatic
hold for applause Energy 8 Cash30 XP2 BlueStar8 Comedic Comedic

That's a Wrap!
That's the Ticket will premiere in 24:00:00.

(You are rewarded based on the number of stars you score)

5 Star Rating: Cash+7515 XP+300
4 Star Rating: Cash+6012 XP+240

Goal Reward

Cash+56 XP+48

Following Goal


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