Gender Female
List E-List E-List
Occupation Photographer

Flower first comes onto the scene at the Time Alien party as part of Flower Power. Later, you will have a photo shoot with Vauge as part of A Vague Shoot, where Flower will take photos of you and purchase two items of special clothing.

Flower's appearance varies between players.

Background Trivia

Flower is a photographer who works for Vague Magazine. She grew up with Moonbeam in a hippie commune called Pig Farm, near San Francisco, where she used to eat worms.

Related Goals


Flower Power
You're (YourName)! Oh! Did Hampton mention me? What a sweetheart! I'm Flower, by the way.

Speech Last name…?

Oh... I don't have one. I was raised in a commune out in Western California. Last names were sort of frowned upon. That and clothing.
Speech I see…

But enough about that! I wanted to talk to you because I'm a photographer for "Vague Magazine." You know, "Vague," right? And I know my editor would love to get you in a shoot. If I can tell her I snagged you, she might let me finally go to Milan to cover the fashion show. Would you want to help me out?
1. Speech No.
2. Speech Yes.

1. ?

2. Oh, really? Thanks! This is going to be great! Okay, I'll give you a call soon. Thanks again!
Speech No problem. XP+5?

A Vague Shoot
(Your Name)! Hey! It's Flower. We're all set-up for the shoot. Why don't you come down to our studio in The Valley? It's in the "Globatech" building. Ciao!

Speech OK.

You made it! Awesome. Okay... so there are a couple of outfits we'll get you to wear. Than just complete the tasks and we'll be all done. I'm a total professional!
Speech OK.

Perfect! Hold it right there...
Speech OK.

The Look
You look amazing!

Speech Thanks.

Work it!
That was perfect! Okay... so here's the next outfit. It's in your wardrobe.

Speech OK.

Effortless Beauty
That was great! This spread is going to be one of our best. Thanks so much! Maybe we'll work together again sometime?

Speech Sure.