Ethan Phillion
Gender Male
List D-List D-List
Occupation Writer / Director

Ethan Phillion comes onto the scene as part of Meet Ethan Phillion, where he thinks you would be great for the lead role in his upcoming sci-fi trilogy.

Ethan's appearance may vary between players.

Background Trivia

Ethan Phillion was one of the stars of the old TV series, Starfly which he has recently bought the rights to in order to remake it.

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Meet Ethan Phillion
Howdy, (Your Name)! Your agent's told me quite a bit about you. All good things, I promise! So, you're a big Starfly fan, huh?

1. Speech Uhm, of course! Energy 10
2. Speech (Come back later.)

1. Wonderful! So, as I'm sure you've heard, I recently managed to buy the rights to remake Starfly for a new generation of fans to enjoy...

That means the Starfly and her crew are lookin' for a new captain. Could be you.
Speech Could be.

Think you've got what it takes to be Captain Sky Wyatt? To lead a rag-tag group of misfits? To love the Starfly and keep her flyin' when she ought to fail?
Speech Of course!

Haha, that's the spirit! I think you're gonna do just fine. So here's what's going on with the first film in the new Starly trilogy...

Captain Sky Wyatt and the Starfly's crew find themselves in a spot of trouble after rescuing and smuggling a group of refugees from a war-torn planet...

To repay the captain and crew, one of the refugees offers to share something very special and mysterious: an alien treasure map of sorts...

Excited by the idea of gettin' filthy rich and retiring early from their outlaw lives, the crew agree to help the refugee find the alien treasure...

There's just one problem. The evil and oppressive government which rules over known space with an iron fist is a hot on their heels!
Speech Sounds exciting!

Sure is! And that's just the first film. Wait until we get to the sequels! So, Captain Sky Wyatt... I suppose I'll see you on set?

We'll begin filming Starfly at Headley Studio in 24 hours!
a. Speech (Wait 24h.)
b. Speech Start filming now! Star48

It's amazing how much can be done with CGI these days! One thing we had to do for real, was build the Starfly ship as a set...

It feels great to be back aboard the Starfly. Like a dream come true. Twice Thank you for being part of it...
Speech (Ask for autograph.)

Of course I'll sign an autograph for your agent! Nice to hear he's a fan. How about, "Keep flying! -Ethan Phillion". I hope he'll like that.
Speech Thanks!

Starfly II
Well I gotta say, (Your Name), you wear the captain's coat well!

Speech Thanks!

Don't kick off your boots, though. I'm already getting everything prepared for Starfly II.

Things are about to get mighty interesting for Captain Sky Wyatt and the misfit crew of the Starfly...

In Starfly you made a deal to help someone find a mysterious alien treasure planet. In Starfly II, your passenger has a surprise for your crew...

The passenger with the alien treasure map is actually an alien! Not only that, but this alien has been gathering intel on how to invade human space!
Speech Invade human space?

That's right! Captain Sky Wyatt and the cre of the Starfly were being tricked all along. There is no alien planet!

There are a lot of mean aliens who want to take us over, though. And now the crew brought them the intel they need to do it!
Speech Oh no...

Oh yes. So, now the crew is thrown into an alien prison and must escape to warn humanity before it's too late!

Hope you've got what it takes to save humanity, because Starfly II begins shooting at Headley Studio in 24 hours.
1.Speech (Wait 24h.)
2.Speech Start filming now! Star 48

On set: Starfly II

Have, you ever been betrayed before? Channel that feeling. Because your would-be partner in finding the alien treasure just betrayed you!
Speech Got it!

That's what I'm talking about! Did we get that on camera? Someone tell me that got that on camera! Could you do that again?
Speech Of course!

Starfly III
(Your Name)! Or should I say, Captain Sky Wyatt? Fantastic job in Starfly II. You're going to make a brand new generation of fans fall in love!

Speech Awesome!

In Starfly II, you and your crew managed to steal your starship back and escape from the alien prison...

Once back aboard the Starfly, you and your crew shot straight for human controlled space to try and warn humanity of the coming alien invasion...

Of course, you're all wanted outlaws in the eyes of the human government. In Starfly III, you'll all become big damn heroes instead and save humanity!
Speech I'm excited!

So is the studio! We'll begin filming Starfly III at Headley Studio in 24 hours.
1. Speech (Wait 24h.)
2. Speech Start filming now! Star48

On Set: Starfly III

This is it, (Your Name). The final of flight of the Starfly. I'm getting a lil' choked up right now. Seriously. There might be even be some man-tears.

Thanks for helping me tell this tale and continue the legacy of the Starfly universe.
Speech My pleasure!

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