Ethan Fantam
Gender Male
List A-List A-List
Occupation Director

Ethan Fantam first comes onto the scene as part of The Fantams, who will set you a challenge to achieve a 5 BlueStarstar rating in a romance film. Later, you have the choice to star in his Drama, Forget Me Not.

Background Trivia

Ethan Fantam is the Director of Forget Me Not at Headley StudiosEthan is the younger step-brother of Joel Fantam and likes to emphasise the "STEP" when speaking about his step-brother as he doesn't like being associated as his 'brother'. The two share a bitter rivalry which Ethan, claims sprouted from when Joel, stole his high school girlfriend.

Related Goals


The Fantams

(Your Name)! Thanks for meeting with me FIRST. Ha! My stupid STEP-brother can deal with that!
1. Speech Hey... Energy8
2. Speech (Come back later.)

1. I'll be straight with you: I see you as our "forgetful" - I'll say - lead.

Your CV's impressive, but I feel like you need a little more romance movie work before we get you on board for this.
Speech Okay...
And then OUR film will blow my STEP-brother's out of the water!
a. Speech Sounds good.
b. Speech Brotherly hate...

b. STEP-brotherly hate. And do you know what he did? He stole MY girlfriend in high school.

What a big brother - step brother.
Speech I see...

But enough about my personal problems!

If you can get a 5-star rating on a romance film in the next three days, YOU are my lead!
Speech Great!

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