Edward Hacker
Edward Hacker
Gender Male
List B-List B-List
Occupation Director

Edward Hacker first comes onto the scene as part of A Cold Reading. He later returns to Stardom: Hollywood to direct another film as part In the Alley

Background Trivia

Edward Hacker is the director of The Break, who has a real dislike of being looked in the eyes. Later, you can choose between him and George Spieler for a movie role.

Related Goals

A Cold Reading In the Alley What a Hack


A Cold Reading
Next! Oh, you're right here. Beautiful specimen! I will do the reading with you.

1. (Look into his eyes.) Energy3
2. (Look away.) Energy3
3. (Come back later.)

1. What are you doing? What is he doing? Do. Not. Look. Me. In. The. Eye. I certainly don't see you as our dentist, but Knox thinks you're all right and he's never failed me before... I'll find a line for you somewhere. Next!
Speech (Leave quietly.)

2. Excellent cheek bones, nice profile... Your line, in response to mine, is "But you can't! I won't let you!" Ready? "First, I'm going to have to kill him..."
a. (Perfect reading.) Star3
b. (Good reading.) Energy10
c. (Mediocre reading.)

a. Brilliant! Brilliant! Knox was right about you! You're not just a dentist... no! You... you are our hero's close friend. It's a small role, but a deadly important one... and much more important than some dentist. Congratulations! My assistant will be in touch with your agent.

Speech Thanks!

b. Very well done! I can see why Knox recommended you. Yes... I think you're more than a dentist and an excellent fit for a bigger character role. Thank you! My assistant will be in touch with your agent. Next!
Speech Thanks.

c. ?

In the Alley
(Your Name!) I'm thinking of trying to make the festival rounds with this film when it's finished.

This film will knock those pompous, art-loving bohemians out of their socks!
Speech Okay...

What a Hack
(Your Name)! I think the audience really enjoyed our film! We might even be up for the Palm d'Cannes award!

Speech Great!
As for our little panel, here, there's nothing to it! Let's get started...
Speech Okay.

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