Earvander Tyson
Gender Male
List C-List C-List
Occupation Boxer/Grill Salesman

Earvander Tyson comes onto scene as part of The Champ, where it is required for you to learn boxing skills for the film The Break.

Background Trivia

Earvander Tyson is a boxer but nowadays, is more known for his work as a Grill Spokesman but rest assured he still knows how to swing a left hook! Earvander is the spokesman of the Earvander Tyson Grill that Arnie loves so much!

Related Goals

The Champ The Break


The Champ
Oh! Hey, you're (Your Name)... right? Yeah, I love that Hawaii Po' show! Real good stuff.

Speech Thanks!

All right, everyone, we're gonna start now! I am, of course, Earvander Tyson. These days, you probably recognize me from my Earvander Tyson Grill commercials, but I still know how to fight!

Everybody pair up... uh... you, (name), are with me.
Speech Okay.

Okay... so basics: Make sure your thumb is on the outside of your knuckles and your wrist is straight. Oh! And if you're gonna put ether on your gloves, don't let the Nevada Gaming Commission find out! Just kidding... but not really.
Speech Okay...


All right. That's it... well... that's all I was paid for. You should all be very proud of yourselves for having been taught by me.
Speech Thanks...

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