Drew Cutestory
Gender Male
List E-List E-List
Occupation Assistant Director

Drew Cutestory first comes onto the scene as part of A Gig. You find Drew Cutestory at all of the studios in Stardom: Hollywood when auditioning for a project.

Background Trivia

Drew Cutestory is the Assistant Director at all of the studios in Stardom: Hollywood. Those being:

You must speak to Drew in order to audition for roles by selecting the correct lines from the script.

Related Goals

A Gig Opportunity Knox Late Night Appearance Broken Arrow


A Gig
(Your name), right? Arnie assured me you're perfect for this, and was very... persistent. Read the first line when you're ready.

1. Speech (Read Correct Line)
2. Speech (Read Incorrect Line)

1. Perfect. Then you say... or That's it...keep going...
a. Speech (Read Correct Line)
b. Speech (Read Incorrect Line)

a. Great work! I had my doubts with Arnie's blubbering, but you had the best audition. Ready to start filming?
i. Speech start project
ii. Speech come back later

2. That's not right - how about the next line?
a. Speech (Read Correct Line)
b. Speech (Read Incorrect Line)

b. You missed one of those lines, but I'll overlook it to keep Arnie from calling me again. The part is yours. Ready to start?
i. Speech start project
ii. Speech come back later

Opportunity Knox

Who are you?
Speech (Introduce yourself.)

Hm... yup... there you are. Okay... you're reading for the part of the dentist. I'll call you in when we're ready for you. You can just grab a seat out here until then, or... well... maybe just stand, I guess...
Speech Okay.

Okay, (Your Name). You're up! M. Edward Hacker will see you now. Head inside... oh! And try not to look him in the eyes... he hates that. Seriously... he's weird like that.
Speech Thanks for the tip.

Late Night Appearance
All right, (Your Name)... how's everything? Are you ready for the taping?

1. Speech I'm ready! Energy18
2. Speech Not Yet!

Broken Arrow
Hey! You're (Your Name), right? What are you doing here?

1. Speech An audition... Energy4
2. Speech (Come back later.)

1. Oh... um... nope. Sorry... can't help you. I think you're mistaken. I am, however, looking for someone to be in a commercial for Starbeans... we're shooting right away.
a. Speech Sure... why not?
b. Speech No, thanks.

a. Um... Seriously? That's great! It'll only take an hour. Wow, I can't believe my luck! Thanks!
Speech No problem.

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