Donny Diamond
Gender Male
List A-List A-List or B-List B-List
Occupation Mogul

Donny Diamond comes onto the scene as part of Invested.

Donny's appearance varies from game to game.

Background Trivia

Diamond's daughter's favourite book is School For Elves. Apparently he has no sense of smell.

Related Goals


(Your Name), I hear you want to start your own perfume line.

Speech That's right.
With your name on the bottle, maybe we'll be able to make some cash.
Speech Sounds good.
But it's a risk for me. It takes a lot of money upfront.
Speech I understand.
So maybe if I agree to do this, you can do something for me.
Speech Like what?
I'm backing a movie based on my daughter's favourite book, School For Elves. Ever hear of it?
1. Speech Yes.
2. Speech No.

1. Then you know what it's all about.

2. Well you can probably guess from the title what it's all about.

So what do you say, you be in my movie, I back your perfume line.
a. Speech Start filming now! Star16
b. Speech (Wait 8 hrs.)

Launch Time
(Your Name) I like your work. I think I'd like to see you in another movie. How would you feel about that?

1. Speech Great. Energy5
2. Speech (Back away)

1. If this perfume makes as much money as I think it will I should be able to invest in another big movie, staring you!
Speech Okay.

2. ?

(Your Name) I don't know if I've told you this but I don't have a sense of smell.
Speech Oh.
But I'm sure if I could smell, I'd love this perfume.
Speech Yeah.

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