Donald Nelson
Gender Male
List D-List D-List
Occupation Producer

Donald Nelson first comes onto the scene as part of Meet the Money, where you film a series of your own Reality Shows.

After completing Keep it Real, Donald will then reside at Discount Law located in The Neighborhood. He will have reality projects available for you when you don't have any projects on your schedule. These projects will be 8 hour projects, but you will get an extra Cash2000 if you get a 5-star rating and finish early. You will either have to wait 24 hours or spend Star48 to start filming immediately.

Donald Nelson's appearance varies among players.

Background Trivia

Donald Nelson is a producer at KTV and produces your reality shows.

Related Goals

Meet the Money Your Reality 1! Your Reality 2!
Your Reality 3! Your Reality 4! Keep it Real
A New Reality Some Real Money


Meet the Money
Delightful to see you, (Your Name)!

Speech Likewise.

I trust your agent explained everything to you or else you wouldn't be here.
Speech That's right.

Well, we here at KTV are excited to work with you again! We won't waste your time either: we'll start filming the first season of your show, "The (Your Name) Show", in 8 hours.
1. Speech Start filming now! Star16
2, Speech (Wait 8 hrs.)

Your Reality 1!
Season one of "The (Your Name) Show" was a success!

Speech Great!
Let's see how season two goes. We'll start filming in 8 hours.
Speech Start filming now! Star16
Speech (Wait 8 hrs.)

Keep it Real

Hey, (Name)! Donald Nelson here. Listen, I really enjoyed working with you on your reality show...
Speech Thanks!

I'm sure I can get some more reality work. I've opened up an office next to KTV. Whenever you're not busy, drop by my office and we'll chat.
Speech I will!

Discount Law with Active Projects

Good to see you, (Your Name)! I have a reality project you might be interested in, but we should work that out when your schedule is freed up. Wrap up your current projects and we'll talk.
Speech Okay.

A New Reality/Some Real Money
Good to see you again, (Your Name)! I have a reality project you might be interested in. It's projected to take 8 hours to film, but if you get a 5-star rating, and finish early, I will give you an extra $2000.

1. Speech Great!
2. Speech Maybe later...

1. Production starts in 24 hours, my friend.
a. Speech Start filming now! Star48
b. Speech (Wait 24 hrs.)

2. ?

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