This goal follows Digital Desire II!

People Involved


In order to meet Lamour , you must help Girdard with his short film series. This being the the last of the trilogy. After completing Digital Desire II! Girdard will call you with this goal.

  • Task Read script at your agent's office; film Digital Desire III! at Sailaway Studios


Digital Desire III
(Property of Sailaway Studios)

Line 1: We used to be so happy...

Line 2: Virtually, at least...

Time: Time1 3 Hours
Genre: Dramatic Drama
Energy Used: Energy 70
Blue Stars: BlueStar 60

That's a Wrap!
(You are rewarded based on the number of stars you score)

5 Star Rating: Cash+450 XP+30 Star+1

Goal Reward

Cash+230 XP+40
+421,872 fans

Following Goal

Come Sail Away

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