This goal follows some time after Calling Dr. Lee.

People Involved


A while later you'll run into Robert/Roberta Abercrombie in the Neighborhood.

He/She'll give you an apology for how everything turned out. And he/she'll want to pay you back for all the kindness you've shown him/her. You'll get XP5 and some money.

Later Charlene Chanelle will call you and tell you to come over to her office as quick as you can. This is important!

Charlene's friend is Chet McQueen and he has some news for you about Robert/Roberta Abercrombie. You need to buy his news for Cash500 to find out what he's got.

It turns out that Robert/Roberta Abercrombie isn't who he/she says he/she is. Now you need to decide what to do with the information you have.

Goal Reward

Cash+50 XP+50

Following Goal

How to Use Dirt

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