Dean Defoe
Surfer dude guy
Gender Male
List A-List A-List
Occupation Surfer Dude

Dean Defoe comes onto the scene as part as part of Surfs Up, where Gadget has arranged for you to meet him to learn surfing techniques.

Defoe's appearance varies among players.

Background Trivia

Dean Defoe is one of the most famous surfers in Hollywood.

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Surfs Up
Hey, you must be (Your Name). Summer told me about you.

Speech Yeah?

So you want to know how to surf, eh?
Speech I guess.

Well, you came to the best. So, you ready to get tubular? Blow out some barrel rolls? Hit the bone yard and catch some breakers?
Speech Yes...?

Good. Then I guess you're ready to star in this upcoming surf pic Ride The Waves. I'll send the info over to your agent. You get a good review in this and you'll be set for the big time.
1. Speech Start filming now! Star2
2. Speech Wait 1 hr.

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