Chet McQueen
Gender Male
List E-List E-List
Occupation Paparazzo

Chet McQueen first comes onto the scene as part of the Represented, where he catches all the drama between your Rival and Arnie. Later, he snaps you again leaving Wasted with the Friendly Actor as part of A Meeting.

He will appear at random events throughout the game to snap the latest gossip of your professional and personal life which is reported via Star News.

Background Trivia

Chet McQueen is a paparazzo who is a very close friend of Charlene Chanelle *wink-wink*

Related Goal

Represented A Meeting In Pictures Party Favor
Friend of a Friend Coverage Launch Time


Ha! Starnews will pay me a few bucks for that drama.

Speech Okay...

A Meeting
Hey, (Friendly Actor)! Hey, uh... whoever you are with (Friendly Actor)! Look over here for the camera!

1. Speech (Hide your face.)
2. Speech (Pose.)

In Pictures
Hey, would you mind not bothering me? I got an anonymous tip saying someone famous would be here today. You haven't seen anyone, have you?

Speech As a matter of fact...

Really? Where were they?
Speech Right here!

Funny! No, really... who was it?
1. Speech No... it's really me.
2. Speech AHEM!

1 & 2. Oh, you've got to be kidding me. Wait... now I recognize the voice of the anonymous tipper. Charlene! Ha! Got to love that. I haven't talked to her in years, and now she expects me to take a picture of a nobody. No offense.

a. Speech (Use your charm.) Star5
b. Speech (Compliment Chet.) Energy3
c. Speech None taken.
d. Speech (Make a scene.)

a. Well, I don't even know your name but, I have to admit, there's something about you I like. Listen... I can't promise anything, but I'll take your photo. Maybe you'll get lucky and some magazine will publish it. The worst that happens is that a bunch of coffee drinkers sees a photographer take some pictures of you.
Speech Yes, please!
Now, get out of here before I start regretting wasting my film.

b. Yeah... well, thanks. I DO think I'm the best at the job. That's why having your picture taken by me is so valuable. It'll get you seen. Listen, you at least understand how this business works, so I know there will be a future for you. When that time comes, I will gladly take your photograph. What's your name?
Speech (Tell Chet your name.)

Well, now I know who you are. And trust me, that's a big step. I'll keep my eye out for you, (Name). Tell Charlene to get in touch when you're a bit more famous.
Speech I will.

c. Well then, I don't suppose you'll be too surprised when I say ain't gonna take your picture today.
Speech But...
Don't be too crushed. If you get famous enough to warrant my spending time following you around, I'm sure we will meet again. You can always try telling Charlene to pull this trick again when you're a bit more famous.
Speech (Leave quietly.)

d. ?

Party Favor
I can't believe I got in through a sun roof! Oh... hey... (Your Name)! You're not going to tell anyone I'm here, are you?

1. Speech Yes. Energy10
2. Speech No. Energy10
3. Speech (Come back later.)

1. All right... all right... I'm leaving! After I get a shot of you... say cheese!
Speech Okay.

2. Good! I want to snag a picture of Holly Stuckley. I hear she's involved in all sorts of scandalous stuff. You wouldn't happen to know where she is, do you?
a. Speech No... sorry.
b. Speech In the kitchen.
c. Speech Out back.

a. Too bad... ah, well, I'll grab a shot of you, too... since I'm here!
Speech Okay.

b. ?

c. ?

Friend of a Friend
Hey! (Your Name)! How about a few pics...

1. Speech (Smile and pose.) Cash+35
2. Speech (Pin against car.)

1. Thanks! Say... where are you headed? Any celeb scoops for me? I'm willing to pay, of course! say a few thousand...
a. Speech (Mention Spieler.)
b. Speech I have nothing...

a. George Spieler likes to hang out in THAT dump? No way! Thanks for the tip...
Speech No problem... Cash+2000

b. Ah, well... I got some pics of you!
Speech Good for you...

2. ?

1a. (inside Wasted)
I can bring a very pretty penny for some candid Spieler pics. I can see the tabloid headlines now: "George Spieler Wasted at Wasted: Is He An Alcoholic?"
Speech ...

Let me guess, you're throwing a launch party for your perfume line and you want me to take some snaps?

Speech Exactly.
And why do you think I would do that?
Speech To be nice.
I might like you, (Your Name), but I'll only do it if I get something back in return. I've heard reports that mega-star and family man Gary Jane hasn't been exactly faithful. If you can help me get some proof, I'll cover your party.
1. Speech Okay, I'll do it.
2. Speech Any other way?

1. Capture

2. You tell me? a. (Charm) Star b. Pay him. Cash300 c. Speech Fine. I’ll do it.

b. (He will help you.)

Launch Time
(Your Name), looks like my piece in the paper really helped you out.

1. Speech Yes, thanks. Energy4
2. Speech (Back away)

1. So you let me know if you hear any juicy gossip.
Speech Okay.

2. ?

What's that smell.
Speech I don't know.
Speech ...

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