Charlene Chanelle
Gender Female
List B-List B-List
C-List C-List
Occupation Publicist

Charlene Chanelle comes onto scene after Arnie advises you to get a PR after your Rival threatens you.

She becomes your publicist early on in the game. Throughout the game, she provides you with events that help boost your fans and offers some underhanded ways of handling your Rival if you choose to. Charlene also calls yous when you have been nominated for a STAR Award and notifies you when the Award ceremony is about to start.

You can find Charlene in her office, Chanelle PR, in Downtown.

Background Trivia

Charlene is a Publicist, who was married to Arnie. She is described by Arnie as being one of the best (and possibly the oldest) in the game and hard to talk her into anything!

She doesn't accept any clients that rank lower than D List and only agreed to meet you because Arnie promised her to finally start paying some of the alimony he owes., which she never got.

Charlene comes across as a bit of cougar with stories of all her romantic shenanigans. One of her "romantic histories" is between her and Chet McQueen. She comments that "he hasn't called me a naughty girl in years!". Another of her other conquests was Mitch Bay, the older brother of Julian Bay, who states It was nice to hear from Charlene again and that his older brother used to date her back in the day.

Playing pool and drinking at a bar was her idea of a Thursday night 30 years ago and claims to know people back from the Nixon campaign who can make people "disappear".

Related Goals

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Arm Candy In Pictures Very Photogenic Publicity Stunts Pay Back
Movie Tough A Newmanson Friend See That Stylist The Arrival!
Celebrity Fan #1 Fan The Planner Big Day
Emergency Plugging Away Image Control It's a Celebration
Movin' on Up After Party For Sale What a Hack
Q and A Coverage Capture In the Can
Publicity Tour Steam Sale Meet Monty Monty's Mint


Dialogue is logged alphabetically by goal title.

After Party
How was the rest of the party, darling!

Speech (Mention Marcia.)

Ah... Mr. Shaw. I've heard she's a shark when it comes to business, which is more than I can say for Arnie.
Speech Should I switch?

Well... on paper, Marcia Shaw blows Arnie out of the water, but I can't say I know much about her other than that. It's really up to you, darling. The important thing to remember is... wait! There weren't any publicists trying to lure you away, were there?
Speech No.

Good! Because I still know a few people from back when I worked on the Nixon campaign that can make people... disappear. Enough about politics, though. Rest up, darling. Now that you're on your way to super stardom, you'll be under the omnipresent microscope of the twenty-four-hour entertainment news cycle.
Speech Great...

Arm Candy
Hello, (Your Name)! It's Charlene. We need to talk to turkey - or raw fish... business, I mean dear. Drop by my office when you get a chance, okay?

Speech ok

At Charlene's Office

Darling! I'll get right to business since I know you're probably busy doing Arnie's job for him! Looks like (Rival) is making his/her move... or whatever: In an interview that will air on Starnews tonight, she goes on and on about her relationship with an absolutely un-famous nobody while bashing Hawaii Po' - not good for you! So, while (Rival) drags himself/herself through the slums looking for love at an hourly rate, I want you to aim higher! Get yourself some arm candy that's on the C-List or higher.
Speech OK.

And if you want, I can have a story planted about (Rival) if you're into stooping to a lower level...

1.Speech I am!
2.Speech I am not.

1. Oh, this will be fun! Like working for the Nixon campaign all over again!
Speech OK…

2. Good for you! However, I won't think any lower of you if you ever want me to. It's the only way that people like (Rival) will learn!
Speech OK.

Awards Night

One of the following:
  • Darling! I have some wonderful news!
  • I said: "mu-ga-ro," not - oh! Darling, Hello! I didn't know I had already dialed! It's Charlene!

One of the following:
  • You're a STAR-Award nominee! You're nominated for Best Actress for (Film Title).
  • The STAR Award nominees were announced: You're up for Best Supporting Actress - for (Film Name)!

Speech ok

One of the following:
  • Decide what you're going to wear - something nice! The ceremony is in 48 hours; I'll call you then!
  • Pick out a snazzy outfit before the ceremony begins in 48 hours.

Speech ok

Last Line

Create award buzz for yourself by completing projects before the ceremony begins to increase your odds of winning!
Speech ok

The Arrival

Darling! I hear the G.L.A.M.M shoot went well and the pictures look fantastic. Well done!
Speech Thanks!

Furthermore, Mr. Haperdash reached out to me on behalf of a friend of his, Romeo Deltaine.
Speech Who?

He's an up-and-coming director, and he's receiving a lot of buzz in Europe right now.

Anyway, sounds like he wants you for a role in his next film, which will shoot in France. What do you say?
Speech I'm in!

That's great! Your agent will take it from here, darling, but the film starts shooting in 24 hours at Sailway Studios.
Speech Start filming now! Star48
Speech (Wait 24 hours.)

Big Day
So, (Your Name), you've decided on a destination wedding. Good choice.

Speech Thanks.

This way we can really leverage your wedding for some good press coverage. We can make this the event of the year. It's days like this that make my job worthwhile. Now, you do what you have to do. Pick out a nice outfit and get married!
Speech Thanks.

(Your Name), I just saw the press coverage of the perfume launch. Nice work.

Speech Thanks.

Now we just need to throw a big party. I've rented out Club Spaceman for the event. Now the rest is up to you.
Speech Okay.

Celebrity Fan

Well darling, you must be a star. You're so famous that even other famous people are becoming fans of your work. Bravo!
Speech Really? Like who?

Oh I couldn't possibly spoil the surprise over the phone. I want to see your reaction! Come to my office as soon as you can and we'll chat.

Do hurry darling. I'm just dying to tell you who your celebrity fan is... See you soon!
Speech On my way!

At Charlene's Office

There you are darling! Recognize the music? That's right... your famous fan is none other than mega rock star Syd Cooper!

In a recent interview, Syd mentioned having great respect for you as a fellow artist and expressed a desire to work with you in the future.
Speech Oh, cool!

Well Syd is in town for a photo shoot and it's the perfect opportunity for you two to meet and mingle!
Speech Great!

Head to Studio Supercool and meet with Syd Cooper. Just try not to let Syd get you into any trouble. You know how those rock stars just love to party...

There was a time I could out-party the best of them! What a wild little thing I was... Anyway, go have fun and make a new friend, darling!
Speech Thanks Charlene!

Charlene's Office
Darling! I've been keeping an eye on you: you're coming along nicely. That's a good thing of course, but it also means that (Rival) can start hurting you where it counts: Your fame!

Planted stories, vicious rumors, sabotaged auditions... you name it, and you can BET it'll be used against you.
Speech Oh...

So, you'll have to be on your toes: be mindful of whom you mingle with, say what it takes to make yourself look good, play nice with the media...

and, most of all, keep Starnews interested with what you're doing right, not with what you're doing wrong!

Now, I've caught word that Carl Knox is having a party at Club Spaceman tonight. You're too new on the scene to be on the guest list but, if you can talk your way into the party, talk to Carl Knox and see what he can do for you.
1.Speech OK!
2.Speech Carl Knox? Cash+5 XP+3

2. Carl Knox is a small-time producer who does a lot of work down at KTV. Certainly not the big leagues, but you have to start somewhere, darling!
Speech OK.

(Your Name), the perfume plan is coming together. You've got an ad, you've got a celebrity endorsement, now you just need to throw a launch party. But to do that, you'll need some media coverage. And for that you need to speak to the press.

Speech Okay.

Do you think you can sweet talk the paparazzi into showing up?
Speech Sure.

Good, Chet usually hangs out at Wasted. See if you can find him there.
Speech Okay.

(Your Name)? Charlene here, darling. I have some news, a little business, and maybe even a compliment or two if you come to my office quick enough.

Speech ok

At Charlene's Office

Well, it looks like you convinced Monty that you've got the chops. I just got the call that he wants you for the lead in Face From The Crowd.
Speech Great.

Knowing Monty I know know he's going to push you hard but just remember how many people wanted this job.
Speech I will.

It's projects like this that make it all worth while. Now, get out there and show them how it's done.
1. Speech Start filming now! Star16
2. Speech (Wait 8 hrs.)

(YourName), I just heard some very upsetting news.

Speech What?

Best not to talk about it over the phone. I want you to drop whatever it is you're doing and come see me.
Speech Okay.

I'll be waiting in my office.
Speech ...

At Charlene's Office

(Your Name), I have an insider scoop from my source at Star News. Apparently, they have a shocking story they'll be printing about you.
Speech What?

Someone is claiming to be your husband/wife.
Speech !!!

A man/woman named Rick/Martha Graves is saying you had a secret wedding years ago. We have to be careful how we treat this otherwise it could blow up in our face. Do you want to meet Rick/Martha or do you want to talk to the reporter with the story?

1. Speech Rick/Martha Graves.
2. Speech Reporter.

1. Okay, I'll set up a meeting for you at the Silver Shellfish.
Speech Thanks.

2. ?

For Sale
(Your Name), what's going on? You were photographed out on the town with some nobody.

Speech So?

So that's no good for your rep. Luckily for you, you've got a great PR person. I got you a part on the hit TV comedy, That's The Ticket. That should repair any damage your no-name date did.
1. Speech Start filming now! Star16
2. Speech (Wait 8 hrs.)

(Your Name), I hear your getting close with Thomas S. Hunter.

Speech Kind of.

I'd like to get close to him myself, if you know what I mean.

Anyway, the reason I'm calling is that I hear some other studios are angling to get their hands on his book.

If you get the rights to that book you'll set yourself up as a real power player in this town. Do what ever you can to convince him.
Speech Okay.

Good. Now do you know where he is right now?
Speech No.

Well, what are you waiting for, track him down.
Speech Okay.

Image Control
(Your Name), it's time to go on the offensive. We can't just lay down and let them stomp all over you.

Speech Okay.

It's time to start fighting fire with fire. And that means we need to get down in the dirt.
Speech Okay.

I happen to know a private detective who specializes in this kind of situation. I want you to go meet him and convince him to take you on as a client.
Speech Okay.

Then if we're lucky, he'll dig up some dirt on this low life who's spreading lies about you.
Speech On it.

In Pictures
(Your Name)! It's great to see you but, at this stage of your career, more people than me should be saying that.

We need to let fans and producers know that you are out there. And so I've set up a photo op for you! Head over to the Neighborhood Starbeans... an old friend of mine should be waiting there.
Speech Sounds good!

Meet paparazzo.

So, did you meet Chet? Of COURSE you did. He called me right after you left Starbeans. He said what a naughty girl I was for sending you in there unannounced... I told him he hasn't called me a naughty girl in years!
Speech Oh.

Good meeting with Chet McQueen

Anyway, you did yourself proud today. I didn't actually expect much from the encounter, but you managed to get Chet to pay attention. That's a task in itself. Next time I need his help with you, he'll know whom I'm talking about... and he may be willing to go along. Good job.
Speech Thanks.

Bad meeting with Chet McQueen

Well, I didn't actually expect much from the encounter, and nothing really came of it. That being said, you didn't upset Chet at all, which is always a concern. I'll have to ask him next time and say "pretty please". Maybe THEN he'll take your photo... I'll call you next time I have an idea.
Speech OK.

It's a Celebration
Darling! There's a party celebrating the release of "Time Alien" down at that Black Widow... Spider... whatever club in The Hills - and you're invited... in case you didn't already know, of course.

Speech ok

Late Night Appearance
Hello, darling! Just a reminder that you'll be appearing on The Late Night Show in NY.

Just be your wonderful self, and remember what I told you to say about Leever and you'll do fine!
Speech Thanks!

Appearance went Okay

That went okay - not great, though! At least Captive isn't going to tank at the box office this weekend…
Speech Okay...

Leever Fever
Darling! Glad you could meet me on such short notice.

Speech No problem.

Now… we have a bit of a problem with this Leever character.

He's none too impressed with you, and tried to start a PR war of sorts.
Speech How so?

Well.. I won't get into all the details, but he's claiming that you were pushing drugs on him when you met in NY!

As if he'd mind that… but this breaking "news" had Starnews in a tizzy, dear. But it's all taken care of!
Speech What do you mean?

Luckily for you, Leever can't keep himself together, and he's created an even bigger story of himself.

His fans had gathered outside the hotel he was staying at, and he - get this! - spat on them from his balcony… like some sort of camel!
Speech Ew…

Exactly. And certainly a poor way to stop the spread whatever bacteria are running rampant in him.

Anyway, this story should bury his allegation about you…
Speech Great!

IF! If you handle yourself correctly while promoting "Captive."
Speech How do I do that?

Well… you're booked for an appearance on The Late Show. It's Starnews Eat's late night talk show out of NY.

All you have to do is paint Leever as unstable, and unsuitable to work with. That way he'll come off as the sleaze-ball he is.
Speech Sounds good.

Couldn't be easier, darling! Now, when Captive is all wrapped up, I'll give you a call, okay?

Speaking of which, it starts filming in 24 hours.
Speech Start filming now! Star 48
Speech (Wait 24 hrs.)

Meet Monty
(Your Name), dear! Charlene here... we have a little business to discuss if you want to make your way to my office downtown.

Speech ok

At Charlene's Office

Ah, my favorite client, what's the latest?
Speech Monty...

Oh, Monty Wilenski. I know him well. I hear he wants to work outside the system for his new project.
Speech Any idea?

Well, I could try to set you up with a private investor who could be convinced or...
Speech Yes?

We could go the crowd funding route. These kinds of projects are great for raising money online. It would take some work but it would be good publicity for the project.
Speech Huh.

Crowd funding, we get a bunch of people online all to donate a bit of money.
So, which route do you want to go, meet with the investor or try the crowd funding campaign?

1. Speech Investor.
2. Speech Crowd Funding.

1. ?

2. Alright, you let me know when you've got the money lined up.
Speech Great.
Monty's Mint
Well, you did it, you somehow got the masses to cough up the cash.

Speech I know.

And Monty knows it too. He's ready to meet with you.
Speech Great.

He'll be waiting for you at Infinitum. Let's get this movie made.
Speech Sounds good.

Movin' on Up
(Your Name), darling! What are you doing tonight? Doesn't matter! You... and me by association... have been invited to a party at Simon Headley's mansion. Yes, before you go asking, that's THE Simon Headley of Headley Studios... and he's THE head of the studio. This party will be full of celebrities and industry types, which is why you should go. That, and I don't think anyone has ever... since he's been around... said "no" to Mr. Headley.

Speech Okay.

Now, his mansion is in that gated community over in The Hills. Head there when you're ready and looking positively perfect!
Speech Okay.

at party

Fashionably late... perfect! Now, so far I've spotted Hampton Martin, George Spieler, and Marcia Shaw... she's quickly becoming the second-most powerful agent around after Max Bling... and the debonair man to my right is Simon Headley. Go ahead, darling... introduce yourself before someone else drags him away!
Speech Okay.

New PR
Darling! I've been keeping an eye on you: you're coming along nicely. That's a good thing of course, but it also means that (Rival) can start hurting you where it counts: Your fame!

Planted stories, vicious rumors, sabotaged auditions... you name it, and you can BET it'll be used against you.
Speech Oh...

So, you'll have to be on your toes: be mindful of whom you mingle with, say what it takes to make yourself look good, play nice with the media...

and, most of all, keep Starnews interested with what you're doing right, not with what you're doing wrong!

Now, I've caught word that Carl Knox is having a party at Club Spaceman tonight. You're too new on the scene to be on the guest list but, if you can talk your way into the party, talk to Carl Knox and see what he can do for you.
1.Speech OK!
2.Speech Carl Knox? Cash+5 XP+3

2. Carl Knox is a small-time producer who does a lot of work down at KTV. Certainly not the big leagues, but you have to start somewhere, darling!
Speech OK.

#1 Fan

Tell me darling, do you know Jenna Lane? Well, Jenna sure knows you. In fact, she just won a contest as your biggest fan!

Oh, by the way... I entered you in a contest for charity. The prize is for a fan to meet you. I'm sure I've mentioned it before...

1. Speech Oh?
2. Speech (Annoyed grunt.)

1. Well, your number one fan will soon be arriving at LA International. She donated quite a bit to charity for this opportunity to meet you, so be nice! As part of her prize, you two will be having dinner together and then she will also be on set to watch you in action for your next film.
Speech Sounds fun!

Pay Back
(Your Name), the movie's a wrap and you survived.

Speech Yep.

There's a wrap party at the Golden Porkchop.
Speech Really?

Yes, and Monty's going to be there and I know he wants to talk to you.
Speech Okay.

The Planner
Congrats, (YourName), I hear you've finally set a date.

Speech Thanks.

Now it's time to plan the event. Lucky for you, I happen to know the best wedding planner in the business. I've told her all about you and she's ready to meet you at The Silver Shellfish.
Speech Thanks.

Just make sure to save an invite for me.
Speech You've got it.

Plugging Away
(Your Name) Darling! Headley Studios wants you to do some promotional work for Time Alien. I've scheduled you to be interviewed by that gorgeous Ray Powers from Starnews down at KTV.

Speech Okay.

Remember to play nice with Mr. Powers... and to shamelessly plug the film every chance you can. Good luck!
Speech Thanks.

Publicity Stunts
How I Met Harrison

Do I have news for you, darling! I've caught word that Harrison Ford Patrick is having a party at Club Space Man. Now, Harrison Ford Patrick... as I hope you know... is the star of KTV's (or is it Channel 9?) popular How I Met Your Father.

He's also executive producer; if he likes you... who knows? Maybe you could land yourself a role on the show. If not, it's still an excuse to go out! So... make your way to Club Space Man when you're ready.
1. SpeechOkay.
2. Speech(More about Harrison.) Cash+5 XP+2

2. Well... before How I Met Your Father, he was in another popular TV show, Middleton, and recently starred in the family-friendly CGI fest The Bops 3-D. He's also a huge anti-smoking advocate... obviously, I don't pay much attention to that! So... if you smoke, darling, I'd avoid it for the night.

Publicity Tour
Hello, darling! Get ready to pop some champagne. Regardless of how One Last Job does at the box office, you are now a director.

Speech Great!

Go out, have a nice dinner... a few drinks. Relax. Whatever you do, don't think about the ticket sales and how they will affect the course of your career... because they will.
Speech Um... okay.

Q and A

What a Hack

Darling, the results are in: your film didn't win the top prize, but it was considered the runner-up behind George Spieler's "After the War." Excellent work!
Speech Thanks.

See That Stylist

(Your Name)! I have some exciting news! G.L.A.M.M Magazine reached out to me. They want to feature you in a spread.
Speech Really?

Don't sound so surprised! They'd be lucky to have you in their magazine - they WILL be lucky.

I think this is a great opportunity, and you should do it. What do you think?

1. SpeechLet's do it!
2. Speech I don't want to…

1. I knew you'd go for it! Okay... I'm going to send you to that stylist of yours before the shoot, darling.
Speech Okay.

Spin Doctor (E-List)
(Your Name), it's nice to meet you... though I feel compelled to tell you that I'm only doing so because that agent of yours promised to finally start paying some alimony he owes.

But that's neither here nor in my bank account. Why do you think I should represent you? Tell me.
Speech Well...

That's what I thought... you're not famous, and I don't even think I've seen you in anything. I'll say this about you, though: You DO have that look about you.

Tell you what: Get yourself in a couple of projects, and we'll have lunch again. Until then...tell Arnie I'm billing him for the meal.
Speech (Leave quietly.)

Spin Doctor (D-List+)

(Your Name), it's nice to meet you. I won't mince words: I want you as a client, darling, and you'll be better for it.

Come by my office (it's just down the street) when you can and we'll chat some more. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm on my way to a meeting. Time is money, darling!
Speech OK.

STAR Awards Event 2014
(Your Name)! It's Charlene. I'm calling to let you know that there's another special event - when will these things end? - starting right now!

Speech What is it?

From now until the end of March 2nd, winning STAR Awards will nab you new clothing.

So get out there and show the STAR Award Academy what you're made of, darling.
Speech I will!

Steam Sale
Hello, (Your Name)! Looks like you're starting to slip from the media's attention - apparently they want some "steamy" stories.

Get out there on 3 dates, sell yourself, and show them some steam, darling!
Speech OK!

St. Patrick's Day 2014
It's your favorite - and only, I hope! - publicist. I'm just calling to let you know that from now until the end of St. Patrick's Day, tasks on dates, movie and TV projects will reward you with cute, little shamrocks.

Collect enough of them and you can get yourself some clothing prizes! You can see your progress by checking the achievements tab, darling.
Speech Okay!

A Song of Dragons
Hello, darling. Now that you've finished filming the Song of Dragons fantasy series, it would be a good idea to promote the films.

Why don't you show up to the premiere red carpet event for the series? Ray Powers will be there to interview all the stars.
Speech Let's do it!

Trying Again
I'll give you credit for perseverance... and I like perseverance!

You've shown me that you will not only do what I say, but you'll also do it properly. I demand that of my clients... and my men... but that's another story!

So, here's what we'll do: You get yourself on the D-List... I don't go NEAR anything lower... and I'll take you on as a client. Come see me in my office when you've made it.
Speech OK. XP+40

Valentine's Day 2014

I have some news for you, (Your Name).
Speech What is it?

If you collect enough hearts while on dates from now until the end of Valentine's Day you can win a new outfit!
Speech Just dates?

That's right, darling. So, go on as many dates as you can from now until Valentine's day.

You can see your progress towards the outfit by checking the "achievements" tab at any time.
Speech Thanks!

Very Photogenic
So, did you meet Chet? Of COURSE you did. He called me right after you left Starbeans. He said what a naughty girl I was for sending you in there unannounced... I told him he hasn't called me a naughty girl in years!

Speech Oh.

(missing dialogue)

Wasting Time
Darling, I just got the most peculiar message from (Rival). Apparently, she wants to meet with you at that dingy bar, Wasted…

Anyways, she says it's very important. Darling, if you go, please don't let it become a scene. You know what a headache the paparazzi can be.
Speech Okay…

A Whale's Karddyna
I got your message, darling, but I didn't quite catch it all.

So, you're in San Francisco to meet Melinda. She's wonderful! Emotional, but wonderful.
Speech (Explain.)

I see. Well, you'll probably want to speak to Julian Bay himself. He's not related to Mitch, they just share the last name - and he runs the studio.

He'll want to meet with you anyway. I'll make it happen, darling.
Speech Thanks!

What a Hack
Darling! Did you hear the news?

Speech What news?

You and Hacker's film, "In the Alley," is an official selection for this year's film festival in Cannes!
Speech Excellent!

So... you'll have to pack your bags and get ready for some festival work.
Speech Festival work?

Oh, yes! Hacker wants to have a Q-and-A panel after the film's screening. You'll just have to take questions from industry insiders and whomever else bought a ticket. Good luck!
Speech Sounds good!

Widow Maker
Darling! I have an opportunity for you!

Speech What is it?

The owner of The Black Widow is looking for a famous face to endorse his club. He wants someone like you - if not you! - to be that famous face.

Now, he's looking at several celebs, but his choice will ultimately be based on who ACTUALLY goes to the club; all you have to do is be seen at The Black Widow - make some appearances!
Speech I can do that!

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