Cecil's Castle
Type Casino
Location Las Vegas
Level 15
Dating Available


Cecil's Castle is a casino in the second section of Las Vegas. Here you can play the Slot Machines and the Roulette Table, where you can win Cashcash, Starstar and Energyenergy prizes. You can also date here if you wish.

There is also a suite that is available to purchase for Star50.


Slot Machine

The Slot Machine, indicted by the Sloticon, requires a minimum of Cash10 in order to play, but you can place a maximum of Cash30 by selecting all 3 lines. Listed below is what each match rewards.

Slot Machine Prizes
Image Match Reward
Cherries 3 Cherries Cash 10
Lemon 3 Lemons Cash 50
Bells 3 Bells Cash 100
7 3 Sevens Cash 1,000
Diamond 3 Diamonds Cash 10,000
Stars 3 Stars Star 1
Energy 3 Energy Energy 3

Roulette Table

There are 3 games to play on the Roulette Table, which are accessible by talking to Frank Clatten. Those being;

  • Red or Black
  • Odd or even
  • Numbers

How To Play

You can choose to bet on whether the ball will land on red or black ('Red or Black), an odd or even number (Odd or Even) or whether the ball will land on a number between 1-12, 13-24, or 25-35 (Numbers). After choosing your type of bet, you may select the amount you wish to place. For each game you can bet Cash 10, Cash 100 or Cash 1000. Listed below is the rewards for each amount of Cashcash placed.

Roulette Table Prizes
Game Money Placed Reward
Red or Black Cash 10 Cash 20
Red or Black Cash 100 Cash 200
Red or Black Cash 1000 Cash 2000
Odd or Even Cash 10 Cash 20
Odd or Even Cash 100 Cash 200
Odd or Even Cash 1000 Cash 2000
Numbers Cash 10 Cash 30
Numbers Cash 100 Cash 300
Numbers Cash 1000 Cash 3000

Always be responsible when playing by not betting too much if you have insufficient or low funds.

Dating Actions

Reward amounts are approximate.

Action Cost Reward Achievement
kiss Energy5 Cash14XP1Energy1 None
show off date Energy 5 XP5 Heart7 Romantic Romantic
pick date's lucky number Cash100Energy1 XP4 Heart3 BigSpender Big Spender
pull together Cash 250 Energy 1 XP13 Heart9 RomanticRomantic
top shelf liquor Cash 500 Energy 1 XP26 Heart8 Barfly Barfly
vintage bottle Cash 900 Energy 1 XP53 Heart9 BigSpender Big Spender


By tapping certain objects, you will gain bonus Cashcash, XPXP points and Energyenergy. Tap on the rewards from these objects to shorten energy regeneration time. One reward cuts 5 seconds.

Image Object Name
Chip Casino Chips
Cigar Cigar
Champagne Champagne Bottle

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