Cash is the soft currency of Stardom: Hollywood. It is used to purchase clothing, houses, furniture, and certain actions at Starbeans, bars, clubs, restaurants, and on dates. They also allow you to buy pets and are spent using the bus and airplane.

Starshop Cash

Cash can be purchased from the Starshop by tapping the (+) near your cash with real currency.

Earning Cash

The most common way to earn cash is to film movies, TV shows, and commercials. The higher the rating you get on them, the more cash you will receive. Cash can be collected by talking to people, tapping on pets, tapping on your husband/wife, tapping on random things in the street, or completing achievements.

Cash can also be earned by the 'Get More Cash free' selection in the Starshop. To get the free cash you have the options to do a 'video offer' or 'other offers'.
WARNING: Always be careful when trying to get cash for free from the 'other offers'. It is advised to never give your credit card information or have to pay for any offers as they may be scams. All offers are provided by external partners and Glu Games Inc. has no direct control over them. You MUST COMPLETE ALL STEPS detailed in each offer to receive cash.

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