Carl Knox
Gender Male
List E-List E-List
Occupation Producer

Carl Knox comes onto the scene as part of The Big Screen.

Background Trivia

Carl Knox is a small-time producer who does a lot of work at KTV Studio.

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Social Work
Have we met?

1. Speech(Introduce yourself.)
2. SpeechOf course! Star5

1. (Your Name)... huh... sorry, I don't think I've seen anything you've been in. I WILL say that you do fit the bill of a part my friend, M. Edward Hacker, is looking to fill for his upcoming action film The Break.

I'm assuming he's be looking for someone with a little more crime or action experience, though... oh! Lisa! There you are! I'm sorry... you'll have to excuse me. It was nice meeting you!

2. I can't believe I don't remember you... I'm sorry! Let me make it up to you...

I know M. Edward Hacker, a director friend of mine, is looking to fill a role for his upcoming action film The Break, and you look exactly like what the part calls for.

I'll put in a good word for you; all you have to do is get a little crime or action experience, and I guarantee that you'll be a shoo-in. Are we even? How does that sound?