This goal follows Watch the Clock.

People Involved


You'll get a call from your agent and he'll tell you that DWBS Pictures really likes your Rival and has threatened to kill the deal if they're not in the film. So you're both in the film, but now your Rival is demanding top billing or they'll quit the project. Your agent asks you to talk to your Rival to see if you can work things out. Agree and your agent will tell you that they have been informed by Charlene that your Rival is at The Black Widow in The Hills.

When you meet your Rival, they'll gloat about making more money than you on the movie. Offer top billing or Cash1250 and they will still take it. When you leave your agent will call and tell you filming starts in 24 hours.

Note: If you don't pay your Rival they'll walk and you will lose the role.

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Oscar Mike

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