Buck Thurgood
Buck Thurgood
Gender Male
List B-List B-List
Occupation Writer

Buck Thurgood comes first comes onto the scene as part of It's all Thurgood, where he wants you in his upcoming film, Acting Out, which is a movie about the frustration of his acting career.

Background Trivia

Buck Thurgood is a comedian who didn't quite make it into acting, but excels in writing comedic material.

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It's all Thurgood
(Your Name)! Buck, Buck Thurgood. Join me for a drink. Thanks for coming to meet with me. I'd really love for you to star in Acting Out.

1. Speech (Ask about role.)Energy 5 +CashXP
2. (Come back later.)

Well it's kind of a funny story… Well, of course it's a funny story, it's a comedy! But it's actually based on my frustrations as a comedian…

Your character is a comedian who wants to break into acting, but never gets a fair chance. One day, you get fed up, you… act out.

You take a big time Hollywood director hostage using nothing but a candy bar. Of course, the director thinks you have a real weapon.
Speech Wow… why?

Because the director said that you'd never become a famous actor and call you a no talent hack. You've snapped and you need to prove him wrong!

So you're doing your foolish best to try and impress this director you've kidnapped. Meanwhile, The media catches wind of your little hostage situation.
Speech Uh oh…

By the end of the film, you're in jail. You're not famous, you're infamous! You're getting offers for book deals, TV shows and even film roles!

It's all very crazy, funny, wild rude and it begins filming at Supercool Studio in 12 hours!
1. Speech (Wait 12h.)
2. Speech Start filming now! Star24

Acting Out
(Your Name), I have a bit of bad news. The stunt double couldn't make it, so you'll be doing all your own stunts for the slapstick comedy bits!

Speech Oh, yippee…

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