Bryce "Bruiser" Henderson
Gender Male
List E-List E-List
Occupation Bouncer

Bryce "Bruiser" Henderson first comes onto the scene when you are invited to a party at Club Spaceman as part of Social Work.

After this you will find Bruiser at the entrance of Club Spaceman located in Downtown

Background Trivia

Bryce Henderson also known as Bruiser, is the bouncer of Club Spaceman. You have to speak to him in order to access the club. He has an interest in Madison McCartney.

Related Goals

Social Work Doorman Favor Your Ticket In


Club Spaceman (No Entry)

We're at capacity right now...
Speech ...

Social Work
Where do you think you're going? Is your name on the list?

1. SpeechI need to get in.
2. SpeechYes Star5 XP+15

1. And I need a new car. Beat it! Actually... wait! How badly do you want to get in? I need a favor...
SpeechWhat's the favor?

There's this woman who comes to the club once a week and, every week, she smiles at me and I smile at her. Now, most people smile at me just to try and get inside...

but I can tell that this girl's a bit different. I've seen enough fake smiles to know a genuine one. So anyway, I was wondering if you could find her and give her my phone number.

I can't do it myself as the only time I see her is here and, if my boss found out I was giving my number out to patrons, he wouldn't be happy.

Great. Her name is Madison McCartney. I know from a fellow bouncer that she spends a lot of time at Wasted.

Thanks a lot for this. Come back and see me when you are done and I'll see what I can do for you.

2. Hm... (Rival's name). There you are. Sorry about that. Come right in.

Your Ticket In

Well, (your name), it looks like you're now on the guest list.
SpeechDid she call?

I just got of the phone with her. We are going to go out for a drink next week... somewhere without a bouncer. Anyway, enjoy the party.

Club Spaceman (Bribe)

We're at capacity right now...
Speech Are you sure? Cash15
Speech (Come back later.)

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