Bryan Marchuk
Gender Male
List B-List B-List
Occupation Producer

Bryan Marchuk comes onto the scene as part of Whyso Serious, where your agent informs you about a new show that he is producing for Supercool Studios. Your agent arranges for you to meet Marchuk, who reluctantly agreed, at Il Vecchio Pazzo as part of Into The Lion's Den.

Background Trivia

Bryan Marchuk is a producer for many popular TV shows. Marchuk hates you, more specifically, your work and he doesn't believe you can pull off a serious character until he sees a spark of something great in you when you show you have some intensity...

Related Goals


Whyso Serious
Hey, (Name)...

1. SpeechHi, Lion! Energy5
2. SpeechHi, Bryan! Energy5 Cash+5 XP+2
3. Speech(Come back later.)

1. ?

2. At least you didn't call me "Lion"... thanks for coming. Look, I'll be honest: you're not my first choice (not even on the list) of actors, but the studio seems to like you. I'm sure you know that. My problem with you is that I don't think you can pull off a serious character, and this projects, while steeped in the supernatural, will require a level of intensity I don't think you can handle. I mean... do you even have any real experience in the horror genre... or anything remotely "dark"?
a. SpeechNo...
b. SpeechDo you?

a. ?

b. Whoa... so, there is some intensity in there. I think I just saw the spark of something great. Here's what we're going to do: There's this guy I used to go to college with, Tommy Whyso... he's a but of a narcissistic nutjob... with enough money and false self-esteem to finance his own low-budget direct-to-video film. He's been sending me variations of the same script for two years hoping I'd help him out somehow. I've been stringing him along because he was a good friend back in the day... and I like the attention. So... he wants something from me, and I am going to hand you to him. I will tell him that I've found the star (and I use the word loosely) of his self-proclaimed horror masterpiece called Room of the Black Widow.
I. SpeechOkay...
II. SpeechI don't need this.

I. If your acting can transcend what will probably be a ridiculous production, then I know you will be perfect for my upcoming project. Don't worry... you won't miss the opportunity for the role by being in Tommy's movie; knowing him, he'll film it in half a day. I'll put him in touch with you agent. Good luck, (Name). I mean it.

II. ?

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