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Your agent tells you that they’re talking with Susan Picollo’s people to get you a supporting role in her next docu-drama-military film, Oscar Mike. You will get an extra $1,500 if you sign. The problem is, your Rival is also going for the same role with Max Bling as her agent.

After you leave the office, he calls you to tell you he just got a strange call from Picollo. DWBS is no longer backing the project, Studio Supercool is and they’re holding auditions down there now.

When you arrive, the assistant director, Drew Cutestory, tells you that you’re mistaken and they’re only looking for someone to be in a commercial for Starbeans.

If you agree to do the commercial there's the side goal Impromptu Work.

Leave the studio and your agent will call telling you that the “assistant” of Picollo who called was actually your Rival. The auditions are down at DWBS Pictures, so you have to head over right away.

Here comes the side goal Second Attempt that will complete this goal.

Goal Reward


Following Goal

Impromptu Work (side goal)
Second Attempt

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