Boris/Natasha Yanokov
Gender Male/Female
List A-List A-List
Occupation Deposed Prince/Princess

Boris/Natasha Yanokov comes onto the scene as part of Royal Meal/Lunch.

Their appearance varies between players.

Background Trivia

Boris/Natasha is a deposed European prince/princess that Frank Kaufman wants to make a movie about.

Boris has a niece called Liza Yanokov.

Related Goals


Royal Meal/Lunch
You are actor, yes?

1. Speech Yes.
2. Speech Maybe.

1 & 2. I don't like actors.
Speech Why not?

They lie for living. Always pretend to be other people. I like to know who person is.
Speech (Introduce yourself)

You seem like nice man/woman. You look like me.
a. Speech Really?
b. Speech I see that.

a. Sure. So you want to be me in movie.
Speech Yes.

And why should I let you?
a1. Speech (Explain)
a2. Speech (Charm) Star1

a1. ?

a2. Okay, okay, you nice enough. I don't make you go on date.
Speech Thanks.

b. Sure, sure. So you want to be me in movie.
Speech Yes.

And why should I let you?
Speech (Explain)

Okay, I tell you what. You do favor for me, I let you make movie.
Speech What favor?

My niece/nephew never find man/woman. Take her/him on date and you can make movie.
b1. Speech Okay.
b2. Speech (Charm) Star1

b1. Nephew/Niece Work

b2. ?

(Your Name), how is going?

Speech Okay.

So we want to make movie, yes?
Speech That's right.

But first I ask you questions, make sure you are ready for role.
Speech Okay.

You like to eat potatoes?
1. Speech Yes. Energy8
2. Speech No.
3. Speech (Charm) Star2

1. Good. You are right for role.
Speech Thanks.

Make my people proud, (Your Name)!
Speech I'll try.

2. ?

3. ?

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