• Samurai Pizza Cat

    Well it's that time again where everyone is confused on what to do due to the new content xD

    That being;

     Go to San Francisco! (Level 14+)

     New San Francisco story quests and projects

     New clothing for guys and girls!

     Send gifts to your date to change their clothes!

     Millions more fans added to earn!

     Level 25 added

     Get stars for liking page on Facebook via your stardom contacts 

    So yeah, as you would expect, I was dead excited! I eagerly awaited for it to finish downloading. When it did I went straight to the wardrobe & bought myself some much needed clothes as mine were getting a bit dated :p I logged on an hour later & everything I did had gone! I had to go through the two phone calls from Max & the one from Charlene all over again! Tur…

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  • Samurai Pizza Cat

    Hello Stars & Starlets!

    I am Samurai Pizza Cat or SPC, whatever's easier! I have recently been helping my friend, Merb (OneStormyNight), updating this wiki!

    Merb mentioned to me that this wiki needed a little love & I couldn't turn down the opportunity to improve it! With Merb's brains & my ummmm... Hmmm... Helpful nature, we hope to make this wiki the greatest ever!

    I'm currently updating the Characters page as there are a whole bunch of them. But we're also adding stuff that we hope you'll find useful :3

    We are both Stardom mad xD & we have come from the Official Stardom: Hollywood Forums, where we help people with our knowledge of the game.

    I hope you all like the revamp.Credit to Merb on that one of course *bobs hat* ^_^  We hope it feels a…

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  • OneStormyNight

    New update! Here's what's been added.

    What's New in Version 2.1.0

    ► Take your star to San Francisco! (level 14+)
    ► New San Francisco story quests and projects
    ► New clothing for guys and girls, PLUS: You can now send gifts to your date to change their clothes!
    ► Millions more fans added for A-listers to earn
    ► Level 25 added
    ► Get stars for liking us on Facebook (use your Stardom contact list)

    Haven't started it just yet, but will soon. What's you're opinion on this update? :3


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  • OneStormyNight

    Hello, I am OneStormyNight and have recently been editing the wiki along with SamuraiPizzaCat! :3

    When I came to this wiki, it was a little bit empty and hadn't been updated with post-Vegas content at all :[ I came here before that update and it was a bit more active. So what happened? :[

    I am the admin of two other wikis, both are glu games. With my knowledge of wikis I hope along with my pal SamuraiPizzaCat to improve the wiki! :3

    We will be actively editing the wiki! We both love this game very much and have both come from the Official Stardom: Hollywood glu forums!

    I hope people like our revamp and updates to the site, making it more complete and welcoming to people :]


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