Beach House
My House
Location The Coast
Cost Cash30000 or Star65
Level 8
Sections 4

The Beach House is available after unlocking The Coast at Level 8. You can buy it for Cashcash or Starstars. It is one of the largest houses in Stardom: Hollywood. It's very nice for a big place on the beach that can cost cash.

It is possible to negotiate the price of this apartment for Star2 when speaking to Lisa Reynolds, the Real Estate Agent, who will offer you a lower price of Cash28000 or Star63.

Pets Allowed

Beach House





Reward amounts are approximate.

Action Cost Reward Achievement
check for loose change Energy1 XP1 Cash1 none
admire Energy1 XP1 Relaxed Relaxed
have a seat Energy1 XP1 Relaxed Relaxed
put your feet up Energy1 XP1 Relaxed Relaxed
set table Energy1 XP1 none
stretch out Energy 1 XP1 Relaxed Relaxed
turn on light Energy1 XP1 none
watch tv Energy1 XP1 none



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