Annabelle P. Wilkes
Gender Female
List B-List B-List
Occupation Director

Annabelle P. Wilkes was briefly introduced to Stardom: Hollywood as part of the Halloween Event. You were given four horror films to complete within a deadline in order to win props to help you complete the Halloween achievements. By completing these limited time achievements you would be rewarded with special Halloween themed clothing.

Background Trivia

Annabelle is married to Frederick J. Krueger and is a B-horror film maker.

Related Goals

Plan "B" Cabin in the Forest! Deadly Evil!
Almost the Last...! War of the Z!


Plan "B"
Hi, (Name)! It's such a pleasure to meet you!

Anything I can help you with?
1. Speech How do I get props?
2. Speech No thanks.

1. You'll get Halloween props from now until the end of Halloween for completing tasks - tapping those bubbles! - on any movie or TV project you're on.

If you get a star rating on a project, you'll also get bonus props. You can win a bunch of exclusive Halloween clothing if you collect enough!
Speech Okay.

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