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All Work and No Play
Task Go to Wasted (further right from the street)
Task Make a new contact

Cash+2 XP+7

After completing your training, Tony recommends you go to Wasted down the street to join a party and meet people.

Go into Wasted and talk to the bartender Sarah. You can either buy a drink for Cash6 or say nothing. If you buy the drink, you get XP1, but either way she will talk about someone who was in The Static Universe Theory. If you'd like to remember this name later on, you may.

Then talk to the person with the yellow speech bubble. This is the person that the bartender was referring to. When you talk to them, you either have the option to introduce yourself or guess their name. If you just introduce yourself, the Friendly Actor will go straight to explaining her situation. If you remember what the bartender said, you can choose guess name and then pick the correct name to get Cash1 and XP1. Then you can either choose to network with them or flirt with them. If you network and say you've been seen at The local Starbeans you'll get Cash2 and XP1. Network will make them an acquaintance and flirting with them will get them to be a love interest. Now you have made your first contact.

The Friendly Actor is frustrated because their agent, Arnie keeps getting them commercials rather than movies. As they introduce you, you can either choose to say that you are either a Starbeans barista or lie and say actor/actress. Telling the truth will get you Cash2 and XP1. Either choice will get them to fill in their spot and put you up for the commercial project.

This goal will be completed after you talk with Arnie.

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