Alberto Lamour
Gender Male
List A-List A-List
Occupation Fashionista and Filmmaker

Alberto Lamour comes onto scene as part of No Parachute. Girdard has arranged for you to meet the reclusive fashionista at his boutique in Cannes after completing all of Jean-Luc Girdard's short film trilogy and biopic:

Background Trivia

Alberto Lamour is a reclusive fashionista, who has been in hiding since the fashion disaster in 1989. Lamour is the creator of a short-lived fashion trend called parachute pants, which briefly took hold of America. Alberto lost the respect of the fashion and free world immediately due to them. Alberto still carries the shame of them with him to this day.

Whilst in hiding he punished himself by listening to Hammer records for three consecutive years, which nearly drove him mad. He decided to start his life over as a filmmaker and after several rounds of plastic surgery, he was born again. It is said that Lamour is in the same artistic circles as Girdard. Maybe their connection lies deeper than being in artistic circles...

Related Goals

No Parachute Fashionista


No Parachute

Speech Jean Luc...?

I'm afraid I haven't been completely honest with you, (Your Name).

I am Jean Luc Girdard, but I once was Alberto Lamour. After the...incident, I went into exile, punishing myself by listening to Hammer records for ten hours a day for three consecutive years.

It nearly drove me mad, but I decided to start my life over as a filmmaker. Several rounds of plastic surgery later, Jean Luc Girdard was born. All thanks to parachute pants.
Speech That's so sad...

Yes, they were quite an unfortunate creation of mine.

I haven't told anyone what I've just told you, but I needed to get it off my chest! Please... don't tell anyone.
1. Speech (Threaten to tell.)
2. Speech I won't!

2. Thank you! If there's anything I can do for you...
Speech Clothing...

I haven't designed anything in years, but... you are truly a kind soul.

I will make something for you as well. Your loyalty will not be forgotten!
Speech Thanks.

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