This goal follows The Songstress.

People Involved


The studio wants the series done as soon as possible. You will have 7 days to work on the series.

  • Task Complete the Song of Dragons fantasy film series in before time runs out.
    Time1 6 days 23 hours

This goal will only be complete until you finish the series which includes:

Be prepared to film thoroughly every day.

Note that A Feast for Fires requires 48 hours rather than 24 hours like the rest of the films (Hours include waiting and filming time). Plan accordingly to this difference. You will only get up to 24 hours of idle time, so be sure to manage your time wisely.

After you finish the goal, Charlene calls you suggesting to promote the films at the premiere. You will be taken in front of the Downtown Theater similar to the STAR Awards where you will get interviewed by Ray Powers.

Goal Reward

Cash+465 XP+279

Following Goal

End of Song of Dragons arc

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