This goal follows Suburban Horror

People Involved


Your agent will call to tell you that Charlene has a new client that can help you, Kathleen Newmanson. He tells you that she's in talks to have a role in the upcoming comedy film, "Most Prefer it Cold", and that she has a habit of getting her friends roles for the projects she's in. He advises you to become friends with her so you'll get a role n the film. Charlene has Kathleen at her office, so go down to her office to talk to them.

You require Energy8 to proceed

Talk to Kathleen and she'll tell you that they were just talking about your Rival tried to get her friend fired from a show. She's glad to hear that you're also not on good terms with your Rival and that might make you the best of friends. She tells you about the movie that your agent mentioned and says that she can probably get the director to meet with you and maybe even a part.

Following Goal

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